Rental Vans in Tenerife

A fundamental part of your business is to have everything well planned so that nothing will catch you unaware, so having our van rental service in Tenerife is a very smart idea. Traveling from one side of the island to another in a basic or compact car with something more voluminous or delicate is unnecesary when you can opt for a car of greater capacity and better prepared for that purpose.

Obviously, we know that not all businesses have the same needs, therefore, our van rental service offers different models so that you can evaluate and choose the most appropriate.

A good example of our wide range is the VW Caddy Automatic 7 seater. On the one hand, its EU6 engine offers optimum performance and respects the environment as it complies with the emission regulations in force, in addition to saving more fuel than similar competitors' vehicles. It is also worth mentioning that the technology that incorporates this vehicle seeks the comfort of the driver, so it takes into account the difficulties that a car of greater volume can present when parking and incorporates it’s Parking Assist in which the vehicle assumes autonomous form the execution of the maneuvers necessary to park.

Sounds good, right? So, knowing that this is just a small sample of our wide range of vans rental in Tenerife, do not forget to take a look at our section of Minibuses-MPV and find the vehicle that best suits you and your business.

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